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With your donation, the Macaw Recovery Network can continue to protect Costa Rica’s native parrot species across their ranges while empowering local communities and equipping the next generation of conservationists across the globe.

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Even a small contribution each month helps the Macaw Recovery Network invest in saving the parrots and focus efforts on better providing for their overall chances for recovery.

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Care for a rescued Macaw at our Refuge center each day

$10 per month

Spark the Love through providing educational materials to one school

$35 per month

Protect Macaw chicks through a Ranger in the field

$100 per month

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When you symbolically adopt a Macaw, your gift will support our programs to protect wild Macaws, provide artificial nests and care for rescued breeding Macaws. By adopting you will automatically become part of an exciting journey. You will receive a digital welcome package followed by quarterly updates

Wish List

Without supplies, our facilities cannot function throughout the year. If you are planning to visit the Macaw Recovery Network, we would love it if you would consider bringing us any of these items off our Amazon wish list. If you wish to donate items from the wish list but aren’t planning to visit, please email us at to request for an address. With challenging logistics of mailing items to Costa Rica we will try to receive your gift through a next visitor.

If you would like to contribute to the Macaw Recovery Network, please visit our Amazon Wish List.

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