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Make a difference for parrots and their habitat

When you symbolically adopt a Macaw, your gift will support our programs to protect wild Macaws, provide artificial nests and care for rescued breeding Macaws. By adopting you will automatically become part of an exciting journey. You will receive a digital welcome package followed by quarterly updates

You can be the one to help the long-term survival of the Great Green Macaw and Scarlet Macaw populations of Costa Rica.


  • Reginald


    Protect wild macaw chicks like Reginald

    Until they leave their nest, chicks like Reginald are completely dependent on their parents and are vulnerable to predators such as snakes, toucans, and human poachers. An inquisitive chick, Reginald has been spotted peering out from his nest entrance, taking in the dynamic world surrounding him. Though his colorful feathers haven’t fully grown in, he practices his wing flap within the small tree cavity, readying himself for his first flight into this untamed world.

    By adopting Reginald, you are supporting our wild population program, wherein wild-hatched chicks and their parents are monitored intensively and protected from predators and poachers. Measures such as these increase the populations of native Costa Rican macaws.

    If you would like to adopt Reginald, or one of our other Macaws, please click the button below.

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  • danilo


    Give macaws like danilo a home

    Costa Rica’s forests are still recovering from intense deforestation. Until the forest regrows, you can give macaws like Danilo a home in which to breed. Ready to start his family, Danilo and his partner have begun a tireless search for the ideal nest cavity, which has to be at least twice their body size. Unfortunately, the scarcity of large trees makes their search difficult.

    By adopting Danilo, you are giving wild macaw pairs their own nest and a chance to start their families. Providing and monitoring artificial nests has proven to be a successful short-term solution for the lack of natural cavities, and can increase the native macaw populations of Costa Rica.

    If you would like to adopt Danilo, or one of our other Macaws, please click the button below.

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  • coco


    Give macaws like Coco hope

    Coco is a male Scarlet Macaw who was looking for love. Raised in human captivity, he began plucking his feathers until few were left, an unfortunate yet common occurrence amongst captive birds. With fewer flashy feathers to impress the females, finding love was a challenge.

    Parrots are long-lived birds and they mate for life, therefore choosing the right partner takes time and careful consideration. Fortunately for Coco, his search was over when the beautiful Colada flew over to his perch. Colada is a confident, outgoing macaw and knew instantly that Coco was her perfect partner. After a few short squawks and preening, the two were inseparable. Today, Coco and Colada are busy trying to hatch and raise chicks. It’s a complicated task, dependent on our captive breeding program to provide sufficient housing, food and basic comforts.

    By adopting Coco, you help care for rescued macaws like him, supporting our captive breeding program and contributing to the overall conservation of his species through the release of his future offspring.

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