Do something Great.

By protecting a Great species, entire ecosystems can be saved. Many neotropical parrots are in decline and they need help. Do something Great today and you will secure the future for many beautiful and charismatic parrots in the Neotropics.


With Only Fragmented Populations Left, The Macaws Are At Risk Of Extinction.

The great green macaw

Left in the world1,500
habitat gone 50%
Habitat Recovered in Costa Rica 25%

About the Network

Many parrot species are on the brink of extinction and it is a pivotal time to band together. The Network brings together organizations that are interested in the development and sharing of practical knowledge. This collective of wildlife professionals encourages increased capacity through research, training and open communication among conservationists. 

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  • Volunteer

    Have a life changing experience and make a difference for the most charismatic birds of Costa Rica. Check for positions available and apply today.

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  • Donate

    Help safeguard the future for Macaws. Make a one-time gift or become a Beak Buddy and join the movement!

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  • Adopt a Macaw

    Symbolically adopt Reginald, Danilo or Coco today! Make a gift to receive your certificate of adoption and follow your bird through behind-the-scenes updates.

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  • Plan a visit

    A visit to the Punta Islita Wild Macaw Reserve is a must see when visiting Costa Rica. You will learn about our efforts and see a magnificent species fly free.

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